What is MarkedUp?

MarkedUp Analytics, is the most comprehensive analytics service available for native apps developers. Our services enable developers to:

  • Track how many new installs and users your app collects each day;
  • Capture errors, exceptions, and fatal crashes;
  • Discover which parts of your app get used most frequently and how often;
  • Understand your users' habits and how much time they spend actually using your apps; and
  • Measure commercial activity and revenue.

What sort of data can I see?

The MarkedUp analytic dashboard acts as the window into how your app is performing out in the Windows Store. At a glance it provides information on unique user count, session totals, exceptions and crashes in your app.


How can I get started?

Check out our Getting Started and Tutorials sections - these will help you install and integrate MarkedUp Analytics into your applications and help you discover all of the ways in which MarkedUp can make your apps even better.

Contacting Support

If you get stuck and need help, please reach out to MarkedUp on Twitter or send MarkedUp a support ticket via UserVoice.

Last Updated: 8/21/2013 2:00:46 AM