Engagement Analytics

Everything you need to manage your apps, all in one place

  • Track installs, users, and sessions in real-time
  • Discover which parts of your apps get used most frequently and by whom
  • Watch in real-time as users install updates and adopt new features
  • Quantify how well your apps engage and retain users
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Revenue and Sales Tracking

Track sales and revenue in real-time

  • Track sales and revenue from in-app purchases and trial conversions in real-time
  • Discover which of your products are top performers across differenc geographies, devices, and more
  • Learn which parts of your app are most effective at converting users into customers
  • Maximize revenue and customer lifetime value
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App Diagnostics

Keep a pulse on your apps in real-time.

  • Monitor the health of your applications in real-time
  • Prioritize customer-impacting errors
  • Automatically capture stack traces and reproduction steps for pesky bugs
  • Reduce your support costs
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